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Please take the time to read the following policy files before completing the new starters data collection form.

Frequently asked questions

What is the PE kit and where can I get it?

Please follow this link and make sure you are kitted out correctly.

What is the school uniform?

Uniform is extremely important to us, please click this link and make sure you follow it closely.

How do I pay for food in the canteen?

We are switching to a cashless catering system from September 2020 which is convenient and hygienic. More information about this will be available soon.

How many lessons are there in a day at Wolgarston?

We have 6 lessons per day. Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes.

What extra-curricular activities are there at Wolgarston?

Loads, and our advice will be to make sure you get involved with some of them. We have all the usual PE clubs (Netball, Football, Badminton, Trampolining, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics) taking place as well as Student Council, Eco-committee. We are always keen for other clubs to start up so please speak to your teachers if there is something you would like to get involved in.

What should I do if I fall out with my friends?

Again, tell someone, speak to your tutor or a member of staff you feel happy to talk too. Often social issues can be sorted very quickly, please try not to worry about it but we can’t help if we don’t know about it.

What are the options for dinner and where do we eat it?

You are free to either bring dinner money and buy food from the school canteen or supply your own packed lunch. Please see the catering section of our school website for more details on the type of food on offer.

Where do I go when I get to school?

Upon entry to school through Student Reception you are free to go and meet your friends, head to the canteen and get breakfast or go and read a book in the library- really, it’s up to you. We just ask that you make sure you are on school site by 8.45am in order to make sure you can move to your first lesson of the day when the bell goes about 8.53am.

What happens if I am struggling with something at Wolgarston?

Speak to someone, we would always encourage you to speak to your tutor or another member of staff and let them know. We can sort most things out so please let us know whatever the problem is, and we will try our best to sort the issue as soon as possible.

What happens if I think I'm in a wrong set?

What happens if I think I’m in a wrong set?

Don’t worry, your teachers will be looking out very early on to see if there needs to be any changes made to teaching groups. You can speak to the subject teacher and also in mentoring sessions with your form tutor you will have the opportunity to discuss this.

How are my lesson grouping decided?

Some subjects you will be set according to ability (Maths & Science). In the majority of other subjects, you will be set randomly, please do not expect to be put in groups with your friends- you are there to work.

What is House Focus?

The House Focus is a topic that is looked at within one tutor session a week. The House Focus changes weekly and covers a wide range of topics that generally aren’t covered in curriculum lessons. The house focus is covered in lots of different ways, depending on the area looked at. The topics that will be covered include: first aid, money sense and black history month.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is when you get the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 conversation with your tutor to discuss how things are going both inside and outside of school. It’s a chance for your tutor to get to know you that bit better and for you to let us know if there is anything you need a little help with.

What do we do in tutor time?

You will have a timetable to follow throughout the week that will include the following activities: Mentoring, House Focus, Assembly and Silent Reading.

How long do I spend with my tutor group?

You will have a 20 minute tutor session every day. From 10.40am until 11am.

Will I just have my tutor for one year?

No, the plan is that you will keep the same tutor for year 9, 10 and 11. We try to keep changes of tutors to a minimum as we think it’s really important for both you and your parents/ guardians to build a really good relationship with your tutor. 

If I have an older brother or sister already at Wolgarston will I automatically go into their tutor group?

Not necessarily, however, if we get a request from your parents/ carers to do this before we make the allocations we will try our best to accommodate it.  

Can I change my tutor group?

We are always very reluctant to adjust tutor group allocations and only move students tutor groups as a very last resort. Please don’t worry if you are not in a tutor group with lots of your friends, everyone is in the same position as you, so embrace the opportunity to make new friends! 

How is it decided which tutor group I go into?

We work very closely with staff at your middle schools to make sure you are allocated into a suitable tutor group. We do not intentionally put you into a tutor group with your friends as we strongly believe this is the perfect opportunity for you to develop new friendships. If you are joining us from Brewood or Penkridge Middle School we will ensure you are placed into a tutor group with at least one other person of the same gender that went to middle school with you.  

Who will be in my tutor group?

At Wolgarston we have vertical tutoring. This means that there is a mix of year 9, year 10 and year 11 students within each tutor group. There will be between 6-9 students from each year in your tutor group. You will be with at least one other member of your middle school if you joined us from Brewood or Penkridge. 

How many houses are there?

We have 4 Houses at Wolgarston; Alps, Himalayas, Pyrenees & Rockies. Each house is made up of 6 tutor groups.