We have good relationships with our local community and churches, and have formed a partnership alongside them with the Link for Life Project.
This is a Staffordshire based charity that supports orphaned and vulnerable children in some of the poorest communities of South Africa.

Our main focus of support is the community of Mafambisa in Mpumalanga province and we conduct a variety of fundraising activities to help provide a hot daily meal, access to education and access to healthcare for the children who attend the Care Point in the community.

As part of our ongoing support for the children of Mafambisa we are able to take a small team of students to visit South Africa each year. This team works with a charity called Hands at Work, which is based in South Africa and runs the Care Point, using volunteers from Mafambisa itself. The team is able to provide help preparing the meals for the children and visits their homes to get a better idea of the lives they lead. On their return, the team shares everything they have learned with the wider school community so that we are able to strengthen our understanding and relationship with the orphaned and vulnerable children of Mafambisa.

The school has a long standing commitment to Link for Life and is hopeful that by 2022 the situation with COVId-19 will enable the trip to take place’. More details can be found in this letter.

For parents of Year 9 students there are three videos for you to watch, providing information on the proposed visit in 2022 and some examples of the kinds of experiences team members could expect to encounter.

Information about the planned 2022 visit:

Team members from the 2020 visit talk about their experiences:

A typical day at the care point on a community visit day:

We also have a Twitter account @WolgarstonSA

Here is the latest update about the Mafambisa Care Point. If you would like to find out more about the work that Hands at Work does and the other communities they support, please take a look at their website.