Ethos and Values

We believe every young person is capable of achieving something amazing.
Our sky-high expectations are reflected in a rigorous academic curriculum and high-quality enrichment opportunities.

We expect our students to be kind and compassionate with impeccable behaviour and to provide 100% effort so that every moment spent learning is maximised – this is often referred to as ‘The Wolgarston Way’.

Our school motto is ‘Scientia Janua Vitae’ which roughly translates as ‘Knowledge is the Door to Life’. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for academic excellence and equips students with the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to the world, be respectful of those around them and resilient enough to tackle challenges life may bring.

Our Key Stage Three Curriculum (Year 9):

Year 9 students follow the KS3 national curriculum before choosing their GCSE options. We provide access to a balanced curriculum, ensuring they are well placed for KS4 success. 

Key Stage 3 subjects

Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science, French, Citizenship, PE, Religious education, History, Geography and Art & Design, Food & Nutrition, Computing and PSHE. From 2020 a creative rota of subjects including Graphic Design and Music will be available. 

Our Key Stage Four Curriculum (Year 10 & 11):  

In addition to their GCSE choices, all students study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (Separate/Trilogy), PE and Religious Studies. Through English Literature; all students develop their knowledge of a variety of classic plays, poetry and novels. Wolgarston places a high value on a broadly traditional curriculum and subjects which are considered essential for many of the best universities and careers. It is our ambition that over 70% of students take a language at GCSE. We are proud that a significant majority of our students opt for, and perform very well in EBACC subjects.